Tuesday, May 3, 2016


What’s a Hatband Headache?
Hatband headaches are a kind of tension headache. They’re characterized by distinctive bands of pain running around the head, similar to a hatband. As a general rule of thumb, patients typically treat such headaches at home, as the pain is relatively easy to manage and mild. Recurring headaches of this kind might be a cause of concern; if you suffer severe hatband headaches, consult Dr. Heffron to rule out any underlying medical conditions. At Dr. B Well’s Chiropractic Health and Wellness center in Rockville Centre, NY, we’re committed to assisting you in achieving your wellness goals, combining expertise and skill spanning the whole chiropractic wellness spectrum.

What causes the pain of a hatband headache?
The hatband headache pain is caused by muscle tension that surrounds the head. As the muscles tighten, they place pressure on the skull, and lead to a generalized pain. Usually, the pain isn’t excruciating, yet it may be irritating and distracting. Taking ibuprofen or aspirin generally offers relief from hatband headaches, though some also enjoy lying in a dark room or icing their heads to manage the discomfort.

Treatment for hatband headaches
As you get a hatband headache, consume pain relief medicine. There isn’t any reason to continually endure the pain, and discomfort may be more difficult on your body than any medicine might be. Constant tension headaches are a sign for a need to be medically evaluated or make a change in lifestyle to decrease the stress and tension that’s producing these headaches. In some instances, the doctor also may prescribe various pain relief drugs to treat the hatband headaches, or he might order medical tests to check if the headaches are produced by a neurological problem.

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